All tutors who joined Sherpa before February 2021 will have been asked to create a bio for their Sherpa profile. This was a chance to express yourself and be creative with how your profile appears and the information you gave across to potential students.

As of February 24, Sherpa tutor profiles moved to 'Prompts' these are questions that are displayed on your profile for which you are able to answer as freely as you like (and suggest to a Sherpa admin a potential new question).

With prompts you are able to get all the necessary information across to students, such as your experience teaching, what you can specialise in, what you love about tutoring, etc.. whilst keeping a structure to your profile and making it very easy for students to get an idea about you in a much faster time.

Prompts are great because:

  • Your choice of prompts is totally unique and can stand you apart from other tutors on the Sherpa site.

  • Students are able to pick out the relevant information from your profile much more easily due to their structured nature.

  • The question format is far more personal and engaging, students are able to relate to your answers and get a better understanding of you as a person.

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