• First off, if a problem occurs during a session the first action to take is to refresh the internet page.

  • Make sure that you are in an area with a strong connection. Using personal data could make the lesson dip in and out of connectivity.

  • The whiteboard works on all browsers but it works best on the latest versions of Google Chrome or Safari.

  • Ensure that your Microphone and Camera are working. This should be tested when entering the whiteboard through a set of various test stages. Permissions for camera and microphone must be enabled in your browser. To toggle these you will need to head to your browser settings/preferences and for more instructions click here.

  • Some older tablets do not have the capability to join the whiteboard. Recent iPads and android devices should be fine.

  • Occasionally school intranets may not allow the use of the whiteboard, this could also be the case for internets with various blocking systems.

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