Referrals are simple. Every time you successfully refer a friend you are giving them £25 and receiving £15 for yourself.

How this works:

  • Find your referral link in the Referral Dashboard. Send it to a friend over Facebook, WhatsApp or various other channels. They will then make an account on Sherpa using your link.

  • They can use their £25 of credit on the first lesson of a recurring booking. Once they have completed this first lesson then your credit will become available to use in your next regular booking.

You can spy on your friends in the Referral Dashboard to see their progress and how close you are to receiving your £15 🕵️‍♀️..

  • The minute they have finished their first session you will be notified and your credit will be available in your account. This will automatically be applied to your next regular session. The credit is only available for the first session and does not carry over.

Now you have one under your belt you can try and get multiple lessons discounted by repeating this process for as many friends as you have 😉.

The friends you have referred have now become users too, therefore, they are also able to stretch out their credit and refer more students.

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