We understand that for various different reasons, occasionally a refund is in order.

You are able to request a refund after a session by using the 'Manage Bookings' tab, and then clicking on 'Past Bookings'.

This will take you to a page with all of your previous completed bookings displayed. Find the lesson in question and click the small warning triangle next to the 'Leave a review button'.

Sherpa Online Tuition Lesson Refund

This will then allow you to request a refund from your tutor. This is then sent to your tutor for review, where they can approve the refund request.

Once approved, refunds are automatically processed by Sherpa and show up in your bank account within 5-10 business days.

In the rare circumstance where the tutor declines the refund request, the request will be passed onto the Sherpa team who will review the request and decide on an outcome. We pride ourselves on the standard of tutors on the platform, and take complaints of poor quality tutoring very seriously.

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